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Sexy for Summer- Home & Gym plan

$20 $25

Sexy for Summer 

Is a 3 week Summer shape up program, aimed at helping you drop some body fat, tighten up and have you feeling AMAZING for Summer.

-There is a 3 week GYM plan AND a 3 week HOME plan included

-all exercises come with a video demo and voice over instruction to help with proper form

– Nutrition plan

-Warm up and mobility exercises including activation work

-and a Support group


Equipment needed:

Gym plan

-small looped resistance band medium/heavy resistance

-A well equipped gym

Home plan

-Exercise ball (medium size)

-small looped resistance band light/medium resistance

-a set of dumbbells, somewhere between 4-8kg (8-17 lbs)


The program is available worldwide, it gets sent straight to your email immediately after purchase for you to download.

Download now and join me, lets get SEXY FOR SUMMER!!!!