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Glute Growth Guide- gym based

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This is a 6 week GYM based Lower body program, you will be working your entire lower body with focus on glute development.

You will be working the lower body 3 times per week and each workout should take around 1-1.5 hours.

I will guide you through everything from the warmup to mobility and activation work then on to the workout itself. Each workout is very straight forward to use and every exercise has a video attachment with voice over to help with correct technique and form.

This program will also go into detail on nutrition and how to eat for your goal. You will be taught about what macros are, how to calculate your own macros and how to track them.

We also cover important issue like recovery, the importance of sleep, how to track you progress, how to correctly train for muscle growth and what to do after you complete the program to keep results coming.

I have provided you with everything you need to see results, but its up to you to work for them! if you are ready to see change then download this program NOW! lets get started.



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