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Build Your Body Phase 2


Build Your Body Phase 2

This is phase 2 of a 12 week GYM BASED program, with each phase being 4 weeks.(phase 1 must be completed first).

This is a step by step muscle development plan which will teach you how to challenge your muscles in order for them to grow. You will be working all muscles of the upper body, the core and all muscles of the lower body with set days dedicated to each area. You will be learning TEMPO work which is a very important training technique that is often neglected in training routines and from experience, this technique has taken my muscle growth to a whole new level.

Also included:
support group
Warmup, activation and mobilisation routines
Stretch routine
Each exercise has a video tutorial with voice overs to teach you proper set up and form

there are links to a macro calculator and a macro tracker to keep track of your daily macro and calorie requirements. As this is a muscle building plan you need to be eating in a caloric surplus to see results and unless you calculate and track your food, you run the risk of undereating and not achieving your goal.

Please note a small looped resistance band (medium to heavy resistance) will be needed for phase 2 and phase 3 of this plan


Once purchased, you will receive an email (it will be sent to the one you enter upon purchasing so please make sure this is correct) from this email you can simply click on the “download” link and the program will be downloaded to your device.